Entrance to the mansion territory in Istrinskiy district

  • Address: Ivanovskoe v., Istrinskiy d., Moscow reg., Russia
  • Area: .
  • Project year: 2016г
  • Role
    Landscape design
  • PA
    Telemak ANANYAN
  • Architects


The landscape design project of near-mansion area is elaborated for the following conditions:

The area is situated in moderately-continental climate and according to Construction Norms and Regulations (СНиП) 23-01-99 it is characterized with the following essential features:

• Average annual air temperature – plus 4.1 С.
• Absolute minimum – minus 42 С.
• Absolute maximum – plus 37 С.Annual precipitation – 644 mm.

Prevailing wind direction:

Winter (January) – southwest;
Spring (April) – south;
Summer (July) – northwest;
Fall (October) – southwest.

Average annual velocity of the wind is 0-3.8 m/s. The highest average monthly velocity is noted in January.

According to Construction Norms and Regulations 23-01-99 and “Handbook for projection of foundations of buildings and constructions” with СНиП 2.02.01-83*, the standard depth of seasonal freezing is:

• Clay loam – 133 cm.
• Average-sized, big and gravelly sand – 172 cm.

There are young plants of conifer and deciduous trees.

There is no footpath network, the site layout is spontaneous.

The relief has a vertical drop of 13.21m leaning towards south.

Project solution

The project offers:

• Entrance to the territory (rebuilding of the existing entrance and setup of new gates)
• Playground systems, footpaths, fire protection passages. The width and the construction coatings are decided considering technological administrations and fire protection services.
• Patio with 24 seats, summer kitchen and tonir (fireplace);
• Multifunctional sports field;
• Decorative and fruit tree, bush planting;
• Vineyard setup;
• Orchard setup;
• Vegetable garden setup;
• Moorish and mixed-grass lawns setup.

The placement of engineering networks is carried out in accordance with the general decision of the horizontal and vertical layouts.

Planting of Greenery

The project offers setup of a maximally natural landscaped garden. Open lawns intersperse with closed spaces with densely planted vegetation. Trees, mix-borders of shrubs, decorative grasses and flowers make a multi-level composition, that creates a multidimensional perception of the territory, interesting from different points of view.

Patio is an essential part of the project. Due to different relief elevations, it is located on a mark below the floor level of the house so that the volume of the patio does not close the magnificent panoramic view of forest. Patio consists of a covered area with a table for 24 seats, a summer kitchen, which includes grill, fireplace and a sink with a working tabletop.

Patio design: reinforced concrete arch on columns covered with lawn. Tonir with its domed hexagon-shaped ceiling is central to the aesthetic perception of the interior and exterior patio. Externally, the structure of the slab reflects in the parterre solution.

All the greenery is planted during spring-fall.

The project also offers a multi-functional sports field with dimensions of 15m x 28m.

The following types of trees are offered for planting:

• Buckeye
• Oak
• Scarlet rowan, large
• Mountain ash
• Norway maple
• Bird-cherry tree
• Brewer spruce
• Fruit trees at choice

The following types of decorative bushes are offered for planting:

• Syringa meyeri ‘Palibin’
• Syringa ‘Mme Lemoine’
• Viburnum Buldenezh
• Spirea Vangutta
• Japanese cream rhododendron
• Rhododendron Ledebourii
• Rhododendron Brachycarpum (with evergreen leaves)
• Ivy
• Spherical boxwood
• Magnolia sieboldii
• Clematis ‘Comtesse de Bouchaud’
• Berberis thunbergii

The planting is implementеd with provision of minimal distances from engineering networks, buildings and constructions.


The following types of outdoor lamps are offered:

• Street lamps for illuminating large platforms.
• Garden lamps to illuminate the main and secondary paths.
• Ground lamps for illuminating the secondary paths and decorative tree-groups.
• Technical lamps for standby perimeter illumination.