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Центр Социальных Инициатив «Наджарян»

  • Адрес: Дзорагюх 11, Ереван, Республика Армения

  • Общая площадь: 1350

  • Год: 2018г

  • Роль


  • ГАП

    Телемак АНАНЯН

  • Архитекторы


Общие данные

(English) Najarian Social Entrepreneurship Center has been developed according to the Contractor's technical task and architectural-layout task. The construction is located at 11 Dzoragyugh district, Yerevan city address, near Sergei Parajanov’s museum. It is situated to the North from the Victory Bridge. The layout of Najarian Social Entrepreneurship Center is L-shaped. It is a three-storied building with monolith concrete structure, stone walls and about 1350 sqm area. The layout solutions were implemented in accordance with the given technical task and RoA current construction norms. Monolith concreting and stone wall constructions need additional rigidity testing. The 3rd and the 4th additional floors have iron structure. An elevator is added by the backyard of the building. Each floor has proper exits for evacuation. The whole construction is designed to be comfortable for disabled people. Engineering services of the Center is carried out pursuant to the applicable technical terms and include water supply, sewage, electricity, heating, ventilation, low voltage and fire alarm systems.
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